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  • Our DNS registrar is 'Godaddy' at a recurring cost of £7 a year.
  • We are using Cloudflare (free, recommended) as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which actually serves the pages to you.
  • As of March 2016, the website is hosted on "Google Cloud Compute". We pay for the server, the bandwidth, and disk space used - around £10 a month (about £120/year). We also have a much more powerful development server, but we only pay for it when its actually switched on (a few hours a month). Otherwise, we just pay to store its disk (about £1/month total)
  • Our Walks and Source Code are managed in a repository (and so backed up) at around US$7 a month (About £50/year)
  • Nature/Weather, Railways, Swimming, and parts of This Week's Walks and the forum are hosted by Google's Blogger (currently free)
  • Mapping is from Bing, Google, and OS Openspace (currently free).
  • The club has an annual income from NDC (from royalties on the TOCW books) of £250 a year. So with an expenditure of ~ £180 per year, the result is still happiness.

If you wish to discuss the website, please do so here.


Blacksheep said...

The pictures across the top look lovely and make the site even more inviting.

Catriona said...

Thank you for all your work on this

Walker said...

I think you are definitely owed a big vote of thanks (and perhaps a pint!!) for all your work on this, Andrew.

This is behind the scenes work that is invisible to most walkers, but absolutely vital for the survival of the SWC.

Andrew said...

The website move is complete. The old website on Madasafish (freenetname) has been decommissioned.

tartanrug said...

Thank you for all the information on the LDPs. May I suggest a comments button so those that have done the walks can give info they wish they had had before they did the walk.
May I also suggest future possible candidates: Monnow Valley Trail, Oxfordshire Way, White Horse Trail, and The Border's Abbeys Way. Thanks again.

DAC said...

Can't say I've noticed in the last few days but GitHib DDoS attack



Andrew said...

Google Pagespeed, our 'content delivery network', is closing down, so webpages will be served direct by Dewahost once again.

Hopefully, the transition (over the next 24 hours or so) should be seamless :)

Walk authors might like it, as pages should no longer be 'cached'.

In theory, pages should take longer to load, and, we should use more of Dewahost's (chargeable) network bandwidth.

But, hopefully, you won't notice, and we'll stay within our price plan.


David Colver said...

Unless I am mistaken, the site has recently been changed so that comment blocks scroll within their own frames on a page that itself has its own scroll bar.

Can I express dislike for this UI? It means that the action of the up and down keys changes depending on what part of the page one happens to have selected. Prefer a single scrolling page.

Andrew said...

David, Yes, it has.
On a PC, scrolling is harder than on a touchscreen. The 'limited size' comments area was meant to be a compromise for posts with loads of comments.
If more people feel the same...

Anonymous said...

The snowflakes are making me feel ill. I don't want to spoil the Christmas spirit but could they be substituted with a non-moving image?

Andrew said...

they were kind of distracting

Andrew said...

The SWC webservers have Brexit'ed from Belgium.

The main server is now in London as Google have a new data centre here.

The development server is in the US mainly as (a) its free, but also (b) spreading the risk.

Andrew said...

The 'auto generated' walk PDF's have been updated.

The included 'OpenStreetMap' Maps (which some of them have) now print correctly.

- this is for 'HTML format' walks only (e.g. book 1)
- the 'PDF format' walks, e.g. book 2, TG and PC walks don't have an 'auto-generated' PDF as they are already in PDF format
- I switched from using 'phantomjs' (which has some issues) to saving the PDF's directly from the Chrome web-browser's new print-to-pdf command-line facility

MoonBrain said...

On TWW, would it be possible to provide a shareable link for individual walks when emailing to arrange to meet others on a specific walk.

Andrew said...

Do you mean a link to the walk's page - it's the tag - or to the event post?

Andrew said...

I have (finally) moved the remaining 500 old (pre Flickr era) photos to Flickr.

They were lost (as were some of Sean's map images -- sorry) and were found.

The 'taken' date didn't get set in some of them, so a few will appear as new.

They show up in 'recent photos'.

Andrew said...

To do.
#1 A better forum
#2 A "filter" page to help select a walk (e.g. choose toughness, length, is-coastal, is-touristy and see results on a map or list)
#3 A guide to the south coast beaches

MoonBrain said...

A link to the event posting in TWW would be useful.

Andrew said...

Techies Only. Our google app-engine domain is now https (thanks google!). Its a Python app that handles swc + short walk comments

Mike A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrew said...

Now using Bootstrap v4, a major version bump.

Let me know if anything's not right, as many of the styles have changes.

The default theme is very vibrant, like Windows 10 apps, no pale colours / backgrounds like before.

Anonymous said...

Upgrade has made the text much easier to read.
Thank you.

Mike A said...

Over 65 ?

Serena has been in touch with the Ramblers and I thought SWC might like to read what she's written, so here it is ...

My name is Serena Dhaliwal, I work for a multi-award winning television production company called Boundless Productions, who are the makers of successful shows like BBC One’s The Apprentice, BBC Two’s Great Continental Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo and Channel 4’s Grand Designs. Currently, we are working on a new exciting action-adventure series for a major broadcaster, which will see a group of fit adventure seekers aged 65 and over go on an expedition of a lifetime. Under expert guidance, the group will be trained and led through a specially designed expedition route in one of the world’s most breath-taking landscapes. The idea of the series is to break the ‘I’m too old’ mould and prove that age is just a number. We want to celebrate aspirational senior citizens who have a lust for life and a sense of adventure. We want to showcase the amazing things people can do when they put their mind to something and to potentially inspire others to do the same. With this in mind, we are trying to reach out to those who may be interested in finding out more about the series and potentially like to take part. If you think this would be something of interest to your club, then please let me know and I can send you a flyer to share with them. If you have any questions about the production, please feel free to give me a call on: 0207 691 5098
Kind Regards

Mike A said...

Over 65? Part 2

Mail decoding for Serena
{no spam} = boundlessproductions

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure which part of the forum to leave this message, so I hope here is ok. Andrew set up an Instagram account earlier this year and gave me (Karen, the Canadian one) control over it. This weekend, another walking group account found ours and I see that they are using the same logo as ours, as well as being called 'Saturday Walkers Club'. They appear to either be in Spain, or are a walking group that is on holiday in Spain.

My question is: does the SWC have legal rights over the logo? If so, what should I do about it? If not, I guess it's fine and just let them carry on?

Or perhaps some of our lot have gone on holiday and found Instagram...


Andrew said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks. When I tried to set up the instagram account, 'saturdaywalkers' and 'saturdawalkersclub' had already been taken.

I think you're looking at saturday_walkers who seem to be using our roundel logo. I've asked them to desist.


Andrew said...

Instagram have removed our logo from their account.

Interesting that @saturdaywalkers @saturdaywalkersclub and various combinations thereof are all taken. I can't help but think that I (or one of the others) registered it, then forgot about it.

We're @swcwalks, which was the nearest I could find.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if there is an issue with the website. I can't see any of the upcoming walks or the recent ones. I have tried multiple devices, but all I see are ads. This has been since yesterday. Is it just my devices or is it the website?


Andrew said...

@karen Hi. I need some more information. Which pages (URL's), which browser/device (e.g. Chrome on an android phone). Are you using an ad-blocker. Andrew

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew
The pages I can't see are the 'This week' ( ) and the 'Recent walks' ( ). I have been checking them on Apple devices including an iPhone, iPad, and iPod; I have been using Safari on all three. I did happen to check it this afternoon on a regular desktop Mac on both Safari and Chrome and it was fine. So maybe it's a mobile device issue? Every other page of the website seems to work fine (pictures, individual walk pages, maps, etc). I don't think I am using an ad blocker. I have certainly not changed any settings on any device, and they are not connected to each other through a cloud or anything. All I can see is the main part of the page, then box with the changing info (trips, nature blog) and then the ads that are usually at the bottom. It's very strange! Luckily, I also use meet up.con so I can get this weekend's walking info from there.

I hope you can shed some light on this issue!


Andrew said...

Web browsers have a language called Javascript to do stuff, in this case to get the feed from Blogger, format it into HTML, and then "inject it" into the page.

As time has gone by, Javascript has had lots of improvements, which are tempting to use. However, the problem is they don't work in older browsers, like IE, have been left behind.

Safari (Iphone, Ipad, Macs) is usually safe, as Apple devices auto-update themselves regularly to the latest version, with the newer Javascript features.

This sounds like a problem with the mobile IOS version of Safari only. I ran the page on an 'iphone 8', and it seemed OK.

Not sure what to do next.

Andrew said...

Help Required! You'll need a Mac and an iphone or ipad.
Link them together with a cable. Set Safari on the Mac up to debug Safari on the mobile device. (Google for how to do this).
Then go to this url on the mobile device:
Then email us the 'console' output... it should be several hundred lines of debug messages (post #1: id, title, date; post #2: id title, date, ...) ending in an error message.

Anonymous said...

How about we have an emoji button to "Like" posts or comments?

Andrew said...

good idea.
we use blogger for comments which has been neglected of late and doesnt have them.
we should really move to a better comments system. blogger doesnt work at all well for the forum.
we could use the facebook page for coments. thats has emojis, comment on a comment, moderation, etc

MoonBrain said...

May I suggest that the FAQ be updated with the new club rules
which have been introduced because of COVID-19.

MoonBrain said...

The page of Bluebell walks needs updating; currently there is only one walk listed.

Judith said...

Hi I’d like to leave a walk report for Cuxton to Sole Street as those of us on the train home didn’t think anyone else would. I can see how to leave a comment beneath that day’s walk post, but how does that become a report ? Thanks Judith

Anonymous said...

Once there has been a n=7 or w=sunny, comments are treated as trip reports

Margaret said...

Is there a better alternative to Blogger available ? It’s a bit cumbersome to use.

Andrew said...

@margaret. Yes, Meetup. It was designed for groups. And might have attracted younger people as we gradually age and become more like the Ramblers... But the walk posters didn't like people expecting to be led.

Another option is the Facebook Page. Facebook has "events", which could be duplicated on TWW. Facebook are very strict about privacy on their interface now (stable door), so setting it up would be hard work

Or something like Wordpress. We could install it on our sever - it would be like blogger without all the future dated nonsense. But it would mean running a database ourselves.

It would be nice to move away from Blogger... It seems unloved by Google at the moment. Next lockdown, I'll look in to it....

Mike A said...

@Margaret and @Andrew - You might like to take a peek at again (used during LD2 I think) It seamlessly merges Posts and Comments created on Blogger with those created locally. There's the tricky issue of having to subscribe, but all posters will have to do that somewhere (e.g. Blogger, Facebook, Wordpress etc) so it's just convincing other folks that lwug doesn't share their data with anyone. For newcomers, subscribing is a doddle too

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrew, Margaret and Mike,

Sincerely appreciate all of the work that goes into running the website and club.
The website is well maintained by Andrew,
it serves the purpose of sharing information,
and getting people together for fabulous walks.
Please do not change anything about the website,
it runs perfectly;
the lwug or similar are just not needed.

MoonBrain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MoonBrain said...

I agree that Blogger does need replacing.
You could consider using a wiki, some now feature event and calendaring functions, and a few don't require a database.

Thomas G said...

as far as I am aware, none of the actual walk posters have any issues with blogger. it needs two button clicks to publish a walk for anyone set up by admin as a walk poster. what's wrong with that?

Margaret said...

Thanks, Andrew. It's a pity that Google removed the ability to publish future dated posts from their new user interface. I can see you've queried it with Google support and provided your own API as a workaround so thanks for all your work on that.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me a safe route to walk to Scotland from Notting Hill? Please