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This Weeks Walks


New members - how to join on our club walks

  • These walks are open to all, no need to book, everybody welcome.
  • Meet in the middle carriage of the train, or on the platform at the start of the walk.
  • Please note that the club just organises the rota, not the walks themselves. It has no legal existence or insurance. The rota enables people independently walking the route to walk togther. As such, you should bring the appropriate Time Out book or a printout of the walk directions.
  • The group is self-organising: do not expect to be led, and feel free to take your own pace, or form into smaller groups.
  • The cognoscenti check the return train times.
  • You can also catch a train from your local station, or connect with the walk at an outer London station, eg. Clapham Junction, East Croydon.
  • You can of course drive to a walk, but (especially with Book 1 walks) check that the start and finish stations are on the same line!
  • Walk Rota: The Book 1 (Vigorous, Nature, Relaxed and Creative) and Book 2 (Main, Vigorous, Sunday) walk rotas have been replaced over time. See above for the current walk schedule.
  • To submit a walk or social event of your own, contact one of the 'bloggers', or see the contacts page.


Unknown said...

Me & my friend are keen on getting involved on long weekend walks in preperation for a trek in snowdon in March. We are not the fittest or most organised people but keen to see the schedule for all upcoming events so we can diaries these in advance.

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

The schedule of all upcoming events is THIS WEEK'S WALKS

This is as far ahead as we plan, I am afraid!

Marc Ricketts said...

What dates will you be planning the walks from Walton on Naze to Clacton on Sea?

Anonymous said...

How to know how many people are coming to particular walk in advance? I am new and dont want to b alone for first walk.

Andrew said...

Attendance varies a lot. Sorry we don't know in advance.

More people (up to 40)
- south of London
- good weather
- later start

Fewer people
- bad weather

The only times when there are no people are when there have been cancelled trains or very bad weather.